Chances are you have already heard of Superdrol as one of the best anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass and strength. But the thing is, if you’re still unsure if this really is the best choice you can make, be sure to find out more about this very successful and amazing steroid that has taken the bodybuilding world by storm in recent years. last decade.

What is Superdrol?

What is Superdrol

Let’s start by correcting a fairly popular misconception. Superdrol is not the name of the compound, but a brand name published by Designer Supplements LLC in 2005. Interestingly, the name “Superdrol” is a pun to give bodybuilders the idea that this is what they should research if they want fast and good results. It is supposed to be a combination of “Super” and “Anadrol”, which was considered the most effective bulk on the market.

The half-life of Superdrol is 6-8 hours.

The active substance in Superdrol is metasterone (IUPAC system name: 17β-hydroxy-2α, 17α-dimethyl-5α-androstane-3-one), also known as methyldrostanolone and metasterone, which became a superstar during use. get fast results. It can be used in one cycle to build stiff, lean muscle after just a few weeks of use. Estimates of achieving 8 to 12 pounds of muscle mass were not uncommon in athletes after 6 weeks of Superdrol training.



It is very important to remember that Superdrol should be administered at the very beginning of the cycle as a minimum. Experienced athletes strongly recommend starting with a daily dose of 50 mg. It is important that you take Superdrol with food every day. In addition, it is possible to increase the dose of Superdrol to 70 mg in the fourth week. Appropriate post-treatment treatment should be given immediately after Superdrol treatment for the following 3 weeks. Tamoxifen is recommended at 20 mg per day for 1 week and 10 mg per day for 2 and 3 weeks. We also strongly recommend the use of Ursosan to support the liver – 3 capsules daily, 250 mg each as indicated.

Historical reference

Historical reference

Although Superdrol was introduced as a “designer steroid” in 2005, Syntex Corporation had already developed its active compound, metasterone, as a component in 1956 to develop a compound with antitumor properties. In addition to showing its antitumor properties, metasterone was also described in a 1959 scientific article as an “effective oral anabolic agent” with low androgenic activity. Later articles on the compound have pointed out that its oral bioavailability is similar to methyltestosterone and has a very high anabolic to androgenic ratio.

What are the benefits of Superdrol?

benefits of Superdrol

If you are considering using Superdrol for classes, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Increase and increase high quality muscle mass
  • Increased total power level
  • Nitrogen addition and protein synthesis
  • Can be used without anti-estrogen
  • Works quickly.
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